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$10'300 Poker Tournament – AA vs KK vs QJT8 in Omaha Tournament on GGPoker



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The JNandez Poker YouTube channel is all about the world of poker and Pot Limit Omaha and my journey playing the great game professionally and creating the top PLO training membership in the world.

You can expect some announcements about our products like the PLO Trainer, but the focus of this channel is to provide free top quality information and entretaining videos about the great game of Pot Limit Omaha to as many people as possible.

The PLO Mastermind is taught by JNandez87 who has been playing poker professionally since 2011 and has consistenly beat the mid and high stakes on sites like Poker Stars, Party Poker and many others. He was a two time SuperNova Elite player and has made over a million dollars playing online Pot Limit Omaha throughout his carreer.


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