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Top 5 Tips For 2021 WSOP


15 Sep

After the huge disappointment of having WSOP 2020 canceled due to COVID-19, I’ll bet many of you will be even more hyped than usual for this year’s event in Las Vegas.

If you do not take the time and do the research- you may well end up paying through the nose for crappy food and playing with sub-par players– not receiving treatment any high roller worth his salt would expect.

Luckily for you, dearest reader, I have (as usual) done the hard work and compiled the research so that you do not have to! Today I’ll be providing you with some hot tips on how to get the most out of your trip to the desert this fall.

Firstly, you will need to pick some good spots to visit on your trip.

1) Choose the right venue

The Venetian Resort– home of the deep stack extravaganza. This hotel has auto shufflers and high-level professional dealers, you will always have a streamlined experience at their tables. A secret trick that many visitors are not aware of- if you enter a game with a buy-in of $400 or more, you can take your receipt to the desk for a $10 food comp. This can be used at the Grand Lux Cafe– which will bring excellent food to you at your table.

Planet Hollywood, another popular poker spot on the strip, will be hosting a huge number of events with eye-watering prize pools. Despite the big bucks to be won, there are a few reasons that some players might want to give this resort a miss.

The dealers are apparently not the most experienced (compared to other nearby casinos), the lighting is dim, and frequently complained about- combine this with the relatively small chips and it can be a major annoyance for those who usually wear sunglasses at the table.

The competition will generally be softer than joints like The Venetian- so if you are happy with the limited food options, you might still wanna stop by for a game or two.

Got any pals who are local to Vegas? Or maybe you are a resident yourself. If either of these is the case then you can enjoy 25% off any restaurant at The Rio. A word of warning, however, if you enjoy a few beverages with your meal- make sure to time your bathroom breaks correctly. Ideally, leave a couple of minutes before a break, as the lines can get pretty lengthy.

Now that you have found your room for the evening- here are a few more tips on how to ensure you enjoy your night of gaming.

2) Don’t go overboard

One hugely important tip for enjoying your time at WSOP is to manage your bankroll properly and not to play over your head. It is a very long event, you are probably gonna be playing a lot of games over your stay. So whilst it might not seem like the most exciting advice- you should not go and blow your whole wad on the first day.

If you go over budget quickly and end up spending much more than you can afford, it will hang over you and make what should have been an enjoyable event an expensive chore. Play smart. Choose your moments to go big. Know your limits.

3) Dress for all climates

Something to remember when packing your suitcase: Las Vegas is usually unbearably hot, but inside the casinos, it is a different story. They compensate for the crazy desert heat plenty with the AC, so if you are planning on staying a while you would probably be wise to bring a hoodie or sweatshirt.

4) Keep your brain at 100%

Stay well-rested and try to get a good night’s sleep before a big day of gaming. A tired brain will not likely make the smartest possible decisions. A hangover brain definitely will not. So try to keep this in mind when you are eyeing up the mini-bar at 2 am, your bank account will thank you for it.

5) Remember what you came for

You may be a seasoned player who is looking to make serious cash- if this is the case then plan ahead. Do not waste time and energy on anything that does not bring you closer to your end goal.

Just as likely is that you are simply an amateur poker fan who is there to have fun. If this is the case- say hello to some of your favorite players, try out as many restaurants as possible and try not to focus too much on results. As long as you are not overspending, it doesn’t really matter whether you win or lose as the experience of this huge event and beautiful city will be worth it.

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