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DoctorDario Returning For ONE LAST TOURNAMENT! | Rank Roulette Season 2 NA's Revenge


Today’s guest is even more old school in the SC2 community than I am – my former teammate TLO aka DoctorDario. Let’s see if his vastly surperior experience can guide him to victory in Rank Roulette! Smash like to make his return worthwhile!

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Today’s guest: TLO

Also don’t forget to tell us your guesses on it in the comments!

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0:00 Intro
0:53 Round 1
5:59 Round 2
11:22 Round 3
15:59 Round 4
20:10 Results
22:20 vs the world 2nd Half Round 3 Results
23:56 vs the world 2nd Half Round 4
26:16 Standings

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