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How to defend against 3-bets


To avoid getting exploited by the blinds you can’t just fold every time you get 3-bet when you are the Button.

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After a well deserved break LemOn36 returned to the coaching streets with an extra special session. For those of you who missed it, we have the full recording.

The Button is where you make the most money, so you cannot just fold every time one of the Blinds 3-bets against you. In this session our coach shows you how to defend your Button in the face of 3-bets.

You will see:

  • Defending ranges against 3-bets
  • Relevant hand reviews from our poker forums
  • How solvers including PokerSnowie tackle 3-bets
  • How to use PokerTracker to study defends against 3-bets

This is a very deep dive into defending against 3-bets which went for almost three hours. So brew a coffee and get to work with this intensive session on a very important spot in poker:

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