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Alleged Poker Cheat Mike Postle Files New Motion in Bid to Avoid Involuntary Bankruptcy


14 Sep

Mike Postle was back in court this week, the alleged poker cheat filing another motion in an attempt to dismiss an involuntary bankruptcy petition that could see him forced to liquidate assets to pay court judgments won by Veronica Brill and Todd Witteles.

Postle owes $55,000 in two almost judgments after he dropped his $330million defamation lawsuits against Brill and Witteles, the money awarded after they filed anti-SLAPP motions.

Postle failed in his attempt to prove his lawsuit wasn’t frivolous, but has so far refused to stump up the money he owes, which has led Brill and Witteles to seek Postle’s involuntary bankruptcy.

Should the involuntary bankruptcy be invoked, it would force a court-appointed solution to his debts, likely including the liquidation of any assets Postle might hold, such as his home.

However, Postle claims that the involuntary bankruptcy process was “filed punitively” by Brill’s lawyer, Marc Randazza, although it was Witteles’ lawyer, Eric Bensamochan, who actually filed the suit.

Having already described it as being “made in bad faith” and “filed out of spite”, Postle added in his latest court filing:

“I respectfully request the court to reject Mr. Randazza’s request to bankrupt me on the basis that the petition is a ‘bad faith filing’ which was filed punitively.”

As we reported last month, Postle seems to have latched on to Randazza’s connection to a beef between Alex Jones/InfoWars and the HONR network, Randazza representing the former while Postle’s own unofficial legal counsel, Alexandra Merrell, represented the latter.

The scattergun approach Postle has taken also saw him take aim at Veronica Brill, claiming she was using his notoriety for her own ends, and “attempting to brand herself as a poker ‘influencer’ based on her claim that she was a ‘whistleblower’.

Strangely, Postle also gives some specific numbers related to his alleged cheating during livestreamed cash games at the Stones Gambling Hall in Sacramento.

Postle’s filing states:

“During the dates where she claimed that I cheated, my win rate across all hands played was a respectable 79%. However, Ms. Brill and supporters of her claim cherry-picked hands, rejected dozens of hands where I had lost and instead fabricated a 94% win rate.”

Witteles’ lawyer, Eric Bensamochan, told’s Haley Hintze that the latest filing contained “self-serving statements” and showed “total disregard of the fact that Mr. Witteles and Ms. Brill hold valid and unpaid judgments against him.”

What happens next in the long-running saga remains to be seen, but if you have missed out on any of the drama surrounding Postle you can catch up below!

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