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Full Tilt Poker Review – Bads and Goods


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The reason for promoting Full Tilt Poker is that I’m extremely happy about the poker software and the other benefits that were mentioned. If I thought that Full Tilt wasn’t that good while still promoting it, I would lose the contact with my soul.

So… do I make some kind of commission if you sign up through my link? Yes. Do you get a bonus and can save money? Correct.
If you don’t sign up through my link, that’s fine. Wish you well anyway.

Here’s my story:
I started playing poker live with some friends. We had a lot of fun. One of my friends made a lot of money at poker online (full tilt). One day he won 9100$, and that made me think about playing online. So the whole gang followed and started at full tilt.
After three months I became a quite profitable player. Today, two years later, I’m “working” as a poker player. Three days ago I won 1700$ and 650$ the next day. If I don’t win, it’s all ok. Poker is a fantastic hobby. I love the game and the community. Every day is an adrenaline rushing day. I feel love, passion, excitement, adventure, fulfilment and fun at the same time. If you want to have a hobby and make money, take action and start playing.

– Pokermofo


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