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Polk and Negreanu bury the hatchet


A podcast interview most people thought would never happen as new best friends Daniel Negreanu and Doug Polk let bygones be bygones.

You see some unusual things in poker but two years ago most people in the industry would have said the following video would have been impossible. 

Polk vs Negreanu has been one of the bitterest feuds in poker for many years, but it calmed down after they finally played heads-up together this year. Much in the way that two prize fighters tend to show respect to each other after a fight. 

Yesterday Doug had Daniel on his podcast as a guest for a friendly two-hour chat like they were best buds:

The two discussed many topics including playing heads-up against Phil Hellmuth, re-entry tournaments, Negreanu’s recent High Roller win and a lot of strategy.

This video is also a real testament to how much Negreanu has learned over the last year since his focus has been on GTO. He really seems to know what he is talking about after a very deep dive into modern poker theory. 

It is also probably fair to say they are friends right now. 

Will they remain best buds? Let us know in the comments:

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