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Last chance to win $1 million with Neymar’s Spin & Goal


Until August 1 Spin & Go players can still bag $1 million thanks to Neymar’s Spin & Goal, while our Double Action freerolls continue as well.

Euro 2020 is in the bag and Italy was able to lift the trophy in a heart-break victory against England, still players at PokerStars can join the Neymar Jr Spin & Goal frenzy until August 1 and win up to $1,000,000 for free.

The Spin & Goal games work just like standard Spin & Go’s, with each Neymar Jr special edition game having three players and following a hyper-turbo format. The prize pool is determined randomly ahead of each game, with the maximum prize at $1,000,000.

If your Spin & Goal awards the elusive $1,000,000 main prize, then no player walks away empty-handed. The second and third-place finishers will also receive $100,000. Not a bad payday for a game running just a few minutes!

The Neymar Jr Spin & Goal’s come with a standard buy-in of $5 but players are also able to win tickets at not cost at all in weekly freerolls.

Neymar Jr Spin & Goal Weekly Freerolls

The freerolls in which players can win free tickets are running every Sunday at 20:00 CET throughout the course of the entire promotion. You can easily find them by searching for ‘Spin & Goal’ in the tournament lobby.

Make sure to sign-up every Sunday in July to maximize your free chances on winning a life-changing prize in a matter of minutes!

spin & goal pokerstars neymar

Prize Pool Frequency 1st 2nd 3rd
$1,200,000 1 in 10,000,000 $1,000,000 $100,000 $100,000
$1,200 300 in 10,000,000 $1,000 $100 $100
$600 750 in 10,000,000 $500 $50 $50
$125 10,000 in 10,000,000 $100 $15 $10
$50 50,000 in 10,000,000 $40 $10
$25 850,000 in 10,000,000 $25

$15 4,020,102 in 10,000,000 $15

$10 5,068,847 in 10,000,000 $10

$500 Freerolls for PokerStrategists

Another full edition of our Double Action freerolls is in full swing too and as usual tracked first time depositors at PokerStars PokerStars are rewarded with access to several exclusive $500 freerolls.

You have until Thursday, July 22 to make your first deposit in order to access all four Double Action tourneys coming up. Any deposits after this date will count towards all remaining freerolls.

In addition, new players will of course also profit from the usual welcome bonus that is offered to new members by PokerStars.

Deposited before? No problem!

For those of you that have deposited already, there’s no need to feel left out—we have a bonus for you too.

If you refer members via our Tell-a-Friend programme and they go on to cash in one of the Double Action freerolls, you will receive the equivalent amount of their prize money in your Tell-a-Friend account.

This means that the more players you refer, the more you stand to win.

Note: After some technical difficulties setting up the initial freeroll, we’re running an extra Freeroll at the end of the series. You’ll be able to take part in this freeroll by using the “Double Action 49 v2” ticket credited to your account on Friday.

Double Action Freerolls

Double Action Freerolls
Name Tournament ID Date Time (GMT) Deposit Deadline/
Series Eligibility
Freeroll 6 3201337924 July 25 18:00 Deposit by July 22 and play last 3+Extra
Freeroll 7 3201337925 August 1 18:00 Deposit by July 29 and play last 2+Extra
Freeroll 8 3201337926 August 8 18:00 Deposit by August 5 and play last 1+Extra
Extra Freeroll 3217137688 August 15 18:00

The Freerolls can also be found in the PokerStars client under Tourney -> Private.

For full participation details, click here.

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